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1st Storm of 2011

We all knew it was inevitable... but somehow we like to think 'maybe this year won't be as bad as last year...maybe we won't get too much snow.' Yes, and maybe pigs will fly.


Meanwhile, we are buried in snow. I mean buried. 



Cohousing for Seniors

This was another great article in the New York Times blog: Caring for Aging Parents...


If you haven't subscribed to their news feed or added them to your Google Reader, do it now! All of the articles are insightful and very relevant for any who are caring for aging parents or relatives, may be thinking about providing care for aging relatives some day in the future, or falls in to the category of "aging" themselves. Times are changing. Its nice to see when the changes are for the better!

Blackstone Valley Healthy Living Expo


Allcare Medical Supply will be hosting 2 tables at the Healthy Living Expo this Saturday, September 18th from 10am-4pm.

We'll have lots of free giveaways and raffle prizes. We'll even have a shiny new battery operated scooter available for test drives! 

Great article in New York Times blog

I recently stumbled across this great blog at the New York Times. Its called Caring for Aging Parents.


Here is a link to their most recent post, called The Caregiver Next Door. It was a really great and inspiring article. It made me think about the fact that I don't really know many of the neighbors around me.


Allcare in the News

Hey everyone, check out the story that the Worcester Telegram and Gazette did on Allcare's volunteer efforts.


We're really thankful for the opportunity this has afforded all of us to spend time giving back to the community.


Check us out on HME news!

Thanks so much to Bill for the great and unique opportunities he's given us here at Allcare Medical Supply!

Pictures from our Dress for Success Worcester Table at the BVCC May Breakfast

Just a quick peek at some of the pictures of the table Allcare Medical Supply setup to showcase Dress for  Success Worcester. We handed out flyers about the accessory and clothing drive we're hosting this week. We encouraged everyone to clean out their closets (or their wives' closets) and come visit  us this week at 30 Grafton Street! 


The BVCC breakfast was also the starting point for the annual Blackstone Valley  Education Foundation Golf Tournament. That meant extra wide exposure to lots of business men and women!

New Friends of Allcare Walkers

Today Erica and I made some new friends during our 30 minute walk...


There were 3 kids selling iced tea on the side of the road. We eagerly stopped to see what the deal was. They were selling "homemade" iced tea for Buy One Get One Free @ $1.00 (so $.50 each)... BUT with each cup of iced tea we received a special coupon.


Biggest Loser Update

Here we are in week 3 of Allcare Medical  Supply's Biggest Loser competition.


So far we have lost a combined total of 38.8 lbs! Go us!


We continue with our various methods, many joining in on the walking lunches each day. Yesterday Bill was kind enough to give us a paid 30 minute walking break in honor of Marathon Monday.


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