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Office Fitness

Sitting at a desk all day long makes me want to stretch. 

In honor of Women's health & fitness day I found this great office stretch video.

Take A 2 Minute Walk In Honor Of Women's Health & Fitness Day

I just love this 2 minute Walk Video! 

I hope you enjoy it too!


National Women's Health and Fitness Day

National Women's Health and Fitness Day

Wednesday, September 28,2010


Allcare Medical Book Club

With the cooler weather approaching, we're all starting to hunker down a little bit and start thinking about ways to keep entertained in the shut in months. 


Family Ties of Massachusetts

Family Ties of Massachusetts

The Pink Glove Dance


Breast Cancer Awareness Rollator





Cohousing for Seniors

This was another great article in the New York Times blog: Caring for Aging Parents...


If you haven't subscribed to their news feed or added them to your Google Reader, do it now! All of the articles are insightful and very relevant for any who are caring for aging parents or relatives, may be thinking about providing care for aging relatives some day in the future, or falls in to the category of "aging" themselves. Times are changing. Its nice to see when the changes are for the better!

Stay Positive

One of my favorite video clips from you tube.  Michelle shared it with all of us in the office last week and we loved it.  Hope you enjoy it!


Blackstone Valley Healthy Living Expo


Allcare Medical Supply will be hosting 2 tables at the Healthy Living Expo this Saturday, September 18th from 10am-4pm.

We'll have lots of free giveaways and raffle prizes. We'll even have a shiny new battery operated scooter available for test drives! 

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