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Improve Your Health with Short Activity Breaks

 Most of us in the AllCare Office are sitting at our desks for the majority of the day.  But its very important for our health to get up and move around!!  Erica is always finding great ideas for everyone to get up and move around.  Here's a few more that we can add to our lists!


Here are some 60 second Health & Fitness Boosters


Nerdiness at Allcare!

Here at  the Allcare Medical Blog, we typically write about goings-on at work or health news or policy changes. But it's not very often that us employees manage to work elements of our personal lives into these little informational tidbits. Sometimes, though, these things DO cross over.


By day, I'm typically a Prior Approval Specialist Extraordinaire (or something). But by night.........well, okay, typically I watch movies in my PJs and play with my dogs. I do, however, have a few fun hobbies that make their way into the workplace!

Heart Healthy Tip #1


My first tip of the month is an obvious tip and one that has been repeated over and over again.


Healthy Eating


American Heart Month

Febuary Is American Heart Month!! 

Arthritis Glove

I love the Arthritis Gloves we carry! Today I am getting a second pair since I wear them so much.  They keep my hands warm and I noticed that my fingers experienced less swelling when I used the gloves. I love to wear them when I crochet or when I go out in the cold! In fact I received several complements on the look of the gloves.  The complementers did not even realize that my gloves were Artrhitis Gloves!

Get Moving

I loved this commercial when I saw it!

It inspired me to get moving!




For more information regarding arthritis visit the link below!

White Sandy Beach

As I stare out my window all I see is white snow.  Mounds piled high, draping off roofs, & tree branches dressed with fluffy white snow.  It is a beautiful sight! It reminds me of a different landscape a tropical landscape.  The white sandy beaches of Hawaii.


Let's Not Talk About It


It's here and it's coming. Instead let's concentrate on warmer weather!

I love this youtube video.

It helps me get through this winter weather and I am partial to Hawaii!



1st Storm of 2011

We all knew it was inevitable... but somehow we like to think 'maybe this year won't be as bad as last year...maybe we won't get too much snow.' Yes, and maybe pigs will fly.


Meanwhile, we are buried in snow. I mean buried. 



Freezin' for a Reason 2011

Allcare Medical took the Polar Plunge on Saturday, January first, in Southie!


The Polar Plunge is a tradition stretching back for years but this year we had extra special reason to jump. Kelly, who spent a week this past summer at Camp Sunshine, discovered that we could raise money for Camp Sunshine by doing the plunge. We couldn't think of any better way to be a part of this and we all decided to make the leap!


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