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Walk to End Alzheimer's on September 25th


You may have seen our recent facebook posting of this great recruitment video for the Walk to End Alzheimer's.



Yard Sale Fundraiser! (updated 10/4/11)

Special Announcement Time! On September 17th, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, Allcare Medical Supply will be hosting a special charity yard sale on our very own front lawn!


Tax Holiday Specials

Don't forget that next weekend August 13th and 14th is the MA State tax Holiday.


The Winner Is.....

Drum Roll Please!


The winner is....



Allcare's Cake Competition

We love watching cake competition T.V. shows so we decided to have our own!

Check out the contenders!


What's your vote?


Whoa, this blog has been fairly slow lately. That is truly unacceptable! So in the spirit of not being lazy anymore, let's talk about my new favorite thing: Fitness!


June Is National Safety Month

I remember my elementary teacher's words on the last day of school, "have a safe and happy summer!"  Since June is national safety month Allcare Medical also would like to wish all our friends and clients a safe and happy summer.  To help you have a safe summer check out the National Safety Center's summertime safety articles:

Summertime Safety

Allcare Medical Supply Radio Hour on WCRN 830AM

It's been several weeks now and Bill has been doing so well on his radio show, that they're moving him to weekdays! The Allcare Medical Supply Radio Hour will now be broadcasting Monday's from 1-2PM beginning June 13th. Please tune in!


One week until Belize!!!!!!!!

It seemed like so far away but In one week from today I will be on a plane heading to Belize with 8 nurses from WSU. I am so excited to learn about the Belize culture and to be able to help out these nurses who are doing health assessments on school aged children!  What a wonderful opportunity for me Thanks to Bill Fredericks (the best boss ever!).   This is also the first time that I have ever left the country so it's even more exciting for me!


A Catheter to Get Excited About

Alright guys, let's have a frank conversation. Our blog posts cover a myriad of topics, ranging from Allcare outings to photos of nerdy costumes. But let's not forget what Allcare Medical really does: we provide products that oftentimes nobody really wants to talk about.


But here, we don't believe anyone needs to be ashamed or embarrassed about ANY product. In fact, when we hear about a great new catheter, we get excited and we want to share it with you.


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