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Administrative Professional's Day


Thank you sooo much Bill for the edible arrangement!!! You're the Best!



World Autism Awareness Day

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!!!! Today we celebrate those affected by spreading awareness! Help us shine a light on autism by lighting up blue!


World Water Day!

Did you know that today, March 22, is World Water Day? I didn't. So now we both know!


Most of us know enough about water to know that we want enough clean, drinkable water to drink 8-10 eight ounces glasses per day. (Are you doing this? If not, START!) But again, for most of us, all that really requires of us is a working faucet, water cooler, or even a hose. 


Eating Disorder Awareness Week



It's certainly been quite some time since there's been a blog here on the good ol' Allcare Medical page. We'll have to make sure that changes! And speaking of changes, there have been some big ones around here! But we'll get to that soon!


In an effort to keep up to date with health in the news, let's talk about eating disorders. This week is Eating Disorder Awareness week. 


Camp Sunshine!!

On Halloween weekend Kelly and I ventured up to Casco, Maine to spend the weekend at Camp Sunshine. This was my first time volunteering as a camp counselor and definitely will not be my last. Kelly has volunteered several times and introduced me to this wonderful organization.


Allcare Moving Day

Today was a bit of an emotional and, to be honest, stressful day. Today the Allcare Team splits up for the first time as the Prior Authorization Department, President Bill, Bob the Callfire King, and All-Purpose Johnny moved to a new building. 


We're excited at the change even though we're also a bit sad to be splitting up. But since we're only about five minutes away from the old office, it probably won't be too bad. 


And we got a super sweet going away party out of the deal, so I'll take it!

New MNRF! (updated post 10/20/2011)

OK, so we realize not everyone will be quite as excited as we are about Mass Health's new "Prescription and Medical Necessity Review Form" that they recently released for use. But you might be a little more enthusiastic when you realize that this form has been designed to reduce paperwork requirements for physicians who just want to get their patients the supplies they need.


National Coffee Day!

Good morning Allcare Blog Readers!


It's just about nine o'clock in the office and I am feeling fairly chipper today! As a vocal hater of Thursdays and a completely unashamed cave monster in the mornings, how is it I am so chipper today?


The miracle of coffee!! Today is National Coffee Day and I am already celebrating!


I'm almost on to my third cup. Yes yes, I know. Not the most healthy decision. But it's National Coffee Day! I have to!


Yard Sale this Saturday 8am-1pm (updated 10/4/11)

Don't forget about our yard sale this Saturday October 1st from 8am-1pm. We've been eyeing the goods coming through the doors all week, and I have to say, we've had to restrain ourselves from taking all the good stuff first! We will have a veritable potpourri of goods here on Saturday.


But to give you a teaser, consider some of Morgan's baked goods. Keep in mind he will be featuring cupcakes on Saturday, and they promise to be nothing less than spectacular!


Fall In New England!

Fall is my favorite time of year and I'm so happy I live here in New England.  Besides the beautiful fall foliage we also have fall festivals and fairs including my favorite

The Big E!

Check out this link of 50 fun things to do under $50!

50 Under $50

Enjoy your fall!

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