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Who should fix healthcare?

I just read a fascinating article about chain restaurants and what healthcare could learn from them The rpecision of chain restaurants tlike Cheesecake factory. are essential for the success of the restauirant. Using technology, precision buying without waste, attention to every dish, and the oversight required for consistantly high results over a long period of time is incredible when you think of how many meals they serve. Now multiply that same preccess/result times every restaurant in the chain. What can healthcare learn form this? Check it out


I once heard a story how

I once heard a story how disney wanted to solve the problem of strollers on the train that circles the park. The brass after much deliberation decided to add a car for them at a cost in excess of a million dollars. One exec said" why dont we ask the train operator." They did and the train operator, said "thats easy put hooks on the outside of the existing cars." Always good to actually aske the people involved in the change than have people from the outside to come in and dictate change.