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The Ugly Doctor story

I'm 54, old enough to remember the day when a doctors word was never questioned, you never sought a second opinion and you did what you were told. Those days are gone my friend. Now you can research the doctor, see what other patients have to say about him, where he went to school, what specialties, etc. I urge you to do so. Its your health. Medicare and private insurance has placed an incredible burden on physicians and providers like us by asking for documentation for products prescribed. Its tough but fair. Heck if I'm paying for something I want to know what I'm paying for and is it necessary. Its the business we're in so you go with what's asked of you.

 Today we got a prescription from a doctor that didn't have all the necessary information required by law. Not Allcare Law, Medicare law. We faxed the prescription back to the MD asking for 1 more item to be added to the prescription. We got the fax back " YOU FOLKS ARE DISGUSTING, GET LOST"

 I found it disturbing that someone from the office would act so unprofessionally and rudely. I called the office and requested to speak with the manager. Here's the rub, THE DOCTOR WROTE IT. He said we bothered him too much. I responded that it was Medicare rules not mine & would love to just fill every order that comes in without having all these requirement. I like to sleep at night so I DO follow the rules and my staff has exceptional integrity that we just aren't willing to compromise. I told him that the only person suffering here was the patient whom we had been servicing for years when she was with another physician. Unfortunately there are other medical supply companies that bend the rules just to make the doctor (referral source) happy enough to keep sending them patients. Thaat's not us. so the doctor told me he will never use us again, blah, blah, blah.

Remember folks, the doctor works for you, the patient. It should be a privilege to do whatever is necessary (including paperwork) to make sure that you have what you need to get well and stay well. As a medical supply company we are given the task to provide products to help a persons health. We see ourselves as an extension in the care plan laid out by the physician. We take that seriously. If your doctor does not want to do what's necessary to make that happen, RUN FROM HIM/HER. If its that easy for a physician to treat us like this, you're not exempt either. There are too many good doctors out there.#choosedoctorswisely


Bill Fredericks



I have one of those too

I know the feeling Bill, I work for a home health agency and I had a client who has ADHD. Mom also has severe ADHD and needed a home health aide for her son. We sent all the necessary paperwork to the doctor and he took his time signing it. We had to call his office at least 6 times. Well after 90 days we have to send the paperwork again. When we didn't get it back, we called. The doctor refused to sign the paperwork and threw it in the trash! When we sent it again, he still refused to sign it. He then told us he doesn't believe in ADHD and refuses to give someone a home health aide who he doesn't believe needs it. Needless to say the mom can't live her life without one and now has to get a new pediatrician, meanwhile they have no help at home and her son is totally out of control. Sometimes doctors need to recognize when it is time to retire and hand over their cases. It is obvious he is taking advantage of this woman who has it hard enough already. I used to work at a hospital where we taught new doctors and it breaks my heart that people like this man are teaching a new generation.

Overburdened medical system causes suffering for patients

I usually don't respond to blogs but this one I can't ignore. As a Benefits Manager, who coaches the employees to be the best consumer of health care that they can possibly be, I hear this all the time (I also have experienced it with my children's pediatrician office)! The owner of the practice (thankfully not our pediatrician but none-the-less the owner does rule the roost) refuses to allow his staff to complete prescriptions for OTC's (for the FSA, insurance coverage, etc) because it puts a drain on his support staff. He refuses to implement an electronic system so his patients can communicate with his office to request prescriptions (at 11:00 at night when they are trying to catch up and have a moment to breathe) or ask questions, look up their EMR's, etc. My child's pediatrician required her to take a vitamin and told me I could get it as an OTC. I insisted, because she was requiring it as part of her overall medical care, that she send a prescription to the pharmacy. After three days, she relented. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of Primary Care Physicians and closed practices, many patients struggle with finding a new primary care physician. Be an advocate for yourself and a great consumer of health care. Move on to a new physician if you are able to if you experience anything less than collaborative care or fight the good fight with your existing physician to educate them to be great providers of medical care!