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New MNRF! (updated post 10/20/2011)

OK, so we realize not everyone will be quite as excited as we are about Mass Health's new "Prescription and Medical Necessity Review Form" that they recently released for use. But you might be a little more enthusiastic when you realize that this form has been designed to reduce paperwork requirements for physicians who just want to get their patients the supplies they need.


I cannot begin to relate to you the number of phone calls that come through our office from patients frustrated by their doctor's lack of response to requests for paperwork. Or from doctors frustrated by how much paperwork they have to produce and the 'hoops' they have to 'jump through' to get their patients basic medical supplies. Believe me, we understand how tedious the whole process is.


That is why we're so pleased to see this small step towards streamlining the process. In the past doctors were required to provide a detailed letter of medical necessity AND a separate prescription for each item they were requesting. Now they simply need to complete this 1 form. This should translate into less delay between patients requesting the documentation, to when we actually have it in our posession, to us submitting the request to Mass Health for authorization, to the patient being approved! And it takes the guess work out of writing a letter of medical necessity from scratch. You'd be surprised how challenging and time consuming that is for doctors nowadays.


It's our hope that this form will prove to be a real asset to both the doctors offices as well as the patients. 


Update: There is also available a new Prescription and Medical Necessity review Form for Enteral Nutrition Products as well Absorbent Products.