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Last days before surgery

Its a little surreal trying to tie things up before going into surgery and a 2 month recovery. I know the world wont fall apart with out me. My wife Ann scrubbing the house from top to bottom, because my brother in laws coming for a month to help & is allergic to cats. Cali the cat shipped off to a vacation home till Uncle leaves. I manage my son Chris' hockey team, Is everything all set there, does he have rides to practice and games? On the board for the Chamber of Commerce, hows the home and business expo coming. Billy's in the choir, will I miss him sing the national anthem? Did I get all his paperwork done to register his car. How is my little 8 year old processes this. My company, we just made sales goal with tremendous work being done. Do I have all my medical supplies in place?? Jeez I hope so, I own the company My staff is incredible so its extremely calming to know I don't have to worry about that. Are bills paid, am I packed for the hospital. Oh yeah, I'm also taking my sons to spend the weekend at Camp Berea in NH. Surgery is in Boston so My wife and I will spend Monday, the night before at the Park Plaza instead of risking traffic in the morning. I'm sure I'll forget something but whatever it is it wont be life shattering