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Healthcare- Radical changes to come... and it may not be bad

With all the political rhetoric surrounding healthcare its easy not to see that all the players involved have been working tirelessly to bring affordable healthcare to all by looking at reinventing their own processes, payment methodology and delivery of care. I was in Pittsburgh last week for the HME News Conference, which is a  high level CEO conference. Everett James, Assistant vice chancellor  for health, policy and planning for the Schools oh Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh and countless other healthcare titles gave an inside look into how the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is being proactive to streamline care. America spends 20% of its budget on Healthcare compared to the 8% worldwide. In 1987 Government paid 32% of Healthcare costs compared with 45% in 2010.

 Like it or not the government is heavily involved in healthcare. What do you get for your healthcare dollar?? The system as it currently stands treats the patient for a set fee, the patient is let go. There is a disconnect and and no financial incentives to make sure the patient gets well. The biggest cost is in Nursing Homes. New models of healthcare look toward Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)or hybrids of such. It looks at the patient and the illness or injury and sets a complete care fee that must cover the patients complete recovery. If the patient is readmitted for the same problem within a specified amount of time the ACO does not get paid for readmission. Now that is incentive. I think the problem may lie with what methodology is going to determine the price. There is a very forward thinking to maximize use of technology. Skype MD visit, telehealth, more use of Nursing and Nurse practitioners, to name a few. Ultimately the goal is to keep people out of the hospitals and out of nursing homes as long as possible, saving Healthcare dollars An investment into Homecare takes care of 33 people for the same price of 1 in an institutional environment. Allcare Medical Supply is part of the solution, making high quality equipment available to make life safer at home

Bill Fredericks

Pres/CEO Allcare Medical Supply