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Cruise vacation and handicap accessibility

My family was blessed to go on a cruise from Boston to Bermuda last week . The weather was perfect, the ship and staff were great and Bermuda was just stunningly beautiful. Ever the medical supply guy I noticed quite a number of elderly patients on the ship with rollators. I can tell you that 2 of the days at sea were anything but calm. As we staggered around the ship, the rollator users were doing just fine. I can't imagine how they would get around without them, if at all. The cruise ship was handicap accessible but Bermuda was a different story. I ran into an old friend on board  with his brother who was in a wheelchair. he mentioned how fortunate we were in the US to have ADA laws that provide better accessibility for wheelchairs. In Bermuda there didn't seem to be such laws as access to a variety of venues was difficult for them. I did see an interesting piece of equipment at Horshoe Bay. It was a wheelchair made of PVC piping with very wide wheels made for use on the sand. Pretty cool and the perfect beach for it!




I never realized how many places were not accessible until I cared for my disabled Aunt. Unfortunately, others do not realize the importance of accessibility until they care for someone or when they personally need things to be accible. Its great that the cruise ship was enjoyable for all!