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Bill Fredericks, Allcare President & CEO needs medical supplies?!

Next week February 5th, I will have a total hip replacement at the New England Baptist Hospital, by Dr Jim Nairus. I'd like to blog the process for a few reasons. 1) to help any of our patients who may have a similar procedure in the future by giving an up close narrative. 2) to see how medical supplies fit into the conversation and care coordination with the surgeon and the hospital. I have already had the right side done in '95 so I have an idea what to expect but the process has come a long way since then.  In the coming days, weeks Ill talk a bit about the process from a) decision to look into surgery b) intake process c) pre-op intake, d) preparation e) the surgery itself, f) Medical supplies g)home recovery, h) rehab, i) outcome. So please tag along or invite someone you know twho may be interested to follow