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A Healthy Staff

Today at lunch I noticed the healthy lunches my workmates were eating.  Kelly brought in a salad with all the fixings, Jill brought an appetizing flat bread sandwich filled with healthy mayo free tuna, and Michelle had all the food groups on a brick oven pizza.  Pizza can be healthy! It seems as though we all have fallen into a new healthy eating trend with out even discussing it!  Let's not forget about our healthy breakfasts! The aroma of oatmeal, berry shakes, and whole grain fill the office in the morning! Yumm! Also the PA department tempts the rest of the office with their healthy and organic afternoon pick-me-up, popcorn! 



Pease don't burn the popcorn. Thanks in advance! haha


I'm feeling much much better

I'm feeling much much better with my healthy foods and I'm saving lots of money rather than buying lunches! :)