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White Sandy Beach

As I stare out my window all I see is white snow.  Mounds piled high, draping off roofs, & tree branches dressed with fluffy white snow.  It is a beautiful sight! It reminds me of a different landscape a tropical landscape.  The white sandy beaches of Hawaii.


Let's Not Talk About It


It's here and it's coming. Instead let's concentrate on warmer weather!

I love this youtube video.

It helps me get through this winter weather and I am partial to Hawaii!



Winter Work Out

 During the winter blizzard I stayed safe and warm in my little home. I camped out in my cozy living room as I watched the wind toss the snow to and fro.  I found myself watching old movies, playing scrabble, and eating snacks.I love snow days for that very reason!  Since winter is in its early stage I know I will have more snow days to enjoy however, I will not be a couch potato. Instead I'm going to enjoy a winter workout!  This morning I was inspired by the new item in our show room. 

Winter Wonderland

The blizzard of 2010 has left our little town looking like a winter wonderland.  Snow draped trees line the freshly plowed roads of Millbury. Everything is white, bright, & quite slippery! With that in mind here are some helpful snow storm reminders:

  • Keep side walks and pathways clear of snow
  • Sand walk ways and steps
  • Have flash lights handy in case of a power outage
  • Check on elderly neighbors

Have a safe and happy snow day!

Dress For Success Worcester Gala

Pearls, chiffon and beads adorned the ladies of Allcare Medical at the second annual Dress For Success Worcester Gala.  We enjoyed our night on the town in honor of one of Worcester's finest organizations Dress For Success.  It is a wonderful organization that provides appropriate work attire and interview suits to local disadvantaged women. The ladies of Allcare Medical truly enjoy volunteering for such a great cause!

If you would like to know more about DressFor Success Worcester click the link below:

3 Minute Mini Walk

If you enjoyed the 2 minute walk post you are going to love this one!

It includes knee lifts, arm lifts, and power walking!

October Is National Down Syndrome Month

In honor of National Down Syndrome Month I found this wonderful video. Its about The National Down Syndrome Society's campaign to celebrate and honor the 400,000 Americans living with Down Syndrome.


Office Fitness

Sitting at a desk all day long makes me want to stretch. 

In honor of Women's health & fitness day I found this great office stretch video.

Take A 2 Minute Walk In Honor Of Women's Health & Fitness Day

I just love this 2 minute Walk Video! 

I hope you enjoy it too!


National Women's Health and Fitness Day

National Women's Health and Fitness Day

Wednesday, September 28,2010


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