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Allcare's Cake Competition

We love watching cake competition T.V. shows so we decided to have our own!

Check out the contenders!


What's your vote?

June Is National Safety Month

I remember my elementary teacher's words on the last day of school, "have a safe and happy summer!"  Since June is national safety month Allcare Medical also would like to wish all our friends and clients a safe and happy summer.  To help you have a safe summer check out the National Safety Center's summertime safety articles:

Summertime Safety

Spring Planting


A cheerful robin, longer days, and budding trees are all friendly signs that spring has sprung.  My favorite part of spring is garden shopping.  Vivid pansies, yellow marrigolds, dainty hydrangea bushes paint the store shelves. Packets of seeds line the aisles.  Yes spring is here and a spring garden is the perfect way to welcome this long hoped for season.

A Lesson From An Elephant & A Dog

What can you learn from an elephant and a dog?

What this inspiring clip and find out the answer.

A Healthy Staff

Chocolate Inspiration

Have you ever had one of those days when you just need chocolate? Nothing else will do except chocolate.  That is how I felt yesterday and Sheri came to my rescue with a bag of Dove chocolates.  Thanks Sheri!  I never realized that each little foil wrapper has a little saying.  Today, as I enjoyed my chocolate snack I was left with this:

"You don't need an excuse. You just need a moment."

Wow! Thanks for the pep talk dove!

Heart Healthy Tip #1


My first tip of the month is an obvious tip and one that has been repeated over and over again.


Healthy Eating


American Heart Month

Febuary Is American Heart Month!! 

Arthritis Glove

I love the Arthritis Gloves we carry! Today I am getting a second pair since I wear them so much.  They keep my hands warm and I noticed that my fingers experienced less swelling when I used the gloves. I love to wear them when I crochet or when I go out in the cold! In fact I received several complements on the look of the gloves.  The complementers did not even realize that my gloves were Artrhitis Gloves!

Get Moving

I loved this commercial when I saw it!

It inspired me to get moving!




For more information regarding arthritis visit the link below!

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