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Massachusetts #4 In The Healthiest States In America 2012

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Great American Smokeout


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Disaster Supply Kit

Last week I quickly threw bandaids, flashlights, and toiletries into my duffle bag which became my last minute disaster kit.  Fortunately I didn't have to use my little kit but it helped me to realize how underprepared I am and how many things my last minute kit lacked. A well prepared kit takes planning and forethought especially if you or your family members have specific medical and dietary needs. I am determined to improve my disaster supply kit and I found some helpful tips that can help everyone become prepared.

Calorie Tracking

Technology has made calorie tracking easier!


For example WebMD has a great tool for tracking your food calories, fitness activity and your nutrition intake. Here is the link the the Food & Fitness Planner Tool:

May is National Osteoporosis Month

Many of us know someone that has been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  A relative, a friend or you personally have received this diagnosis. The National Osteoporis Foundation has a helpful and informative website that can help answer your questions regarding the disease.

Check out their website and find the following:


  • Learn about Management and Treatment
  • National Women's Health Week May 13-19

    Did you know May 14 is National Women's Checkup Day?

    According to the National Women's Health Week website "the day is dedicated to encourage women to visit their health care professionals to receive or schedule checkups, and to promote regular checkups as vital to the early detection of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health illnesses, sexually transmitted infections, and other conditions"



    Spring is here in full bloom and the birds are singing. 

    Fall In New England!

    Fall is my favorite time of year and I'm so happy I live here in New England.  Besides the beautiful fall foliage we also have fall festivals and fairs including my favorite

    The Big E!

    Check out this link of 50 fun things to do under $50!

    50 Under $50

    Enjoy your fall!

    The Winner Is.....

    Drum Roll Please!


    The winner is....



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