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Massachusetts #4 In The Healthiest States In America 2012

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2nd Annual Cake-Off... Coming soon!

That's right, we are dusting off our piping bags, mixers and whisks in preparation of Allcare's 2nd Annual Cake-Off. Jeff may have floored us all last year with his creative and, yes, we'll admit, impressive 'lift-chair cake.' But this year we are geared up for seriuos competition. It all goes down Monday, January 7th. Feel free to share your ideas for mind blowing cakes with us. We're all ears!

Great American Smokeout


Dress For Success Worcester Accessory Sale


Disaster Supply Kit

Last week I quickly threw bandaids, flashlights, and toiletries into my duffle bag which became my last minute disaster kit.  Fortunately I didn't have to use my little kit but it helped me to realize how underprepared I am and how many things my last minute kit lacked. A well prepared kit takes planning and forethought especially if you or your family members have specific medical and dietary needs. I am determined to improve my disaster supply kit and I found some helpful tips that can help everyone become prepared.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Seems like October is most widely known for being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Needless to say, Breast Cancer Awareness is an important topic and its encouraging to see the increased awareness and coverage of the issue. For more information, you can visit the Susan G Komen for the Cure website. They have a wealth of information on Breast Cancer screening, treatment, and support. 


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